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Safety Training Classes



  • HAZWOPER 1910.120 — hazardous waste training for site/facility worker, supervisors and emergency responders [40, 24 & 8 hour initial and 8 hour refresher]

  • HazCom 1910.1200 — employee right-to-know; site specific hazardous chemicals training. [2 & 4 hours]

  • Confined Space Entry 1910.146 — worker training for identifying, entrance and job specific functions in confined spaces. [8 hours]

  • Respiratory Protection 1910.134 — required annual training on employees that are required to wear a respirator. [4 hours]

  • Bloodborne Pathogens 1910.1030 — worker training on the prevention of contamination and disease. [2 & 4 hours]

  • OSHA General / Construction Industry — certified OSHA worker training. [10/30 hours]

  • Other OSHA related training: Forklift Operator; Scaffolding; Fall Protection; Lockout and Tagout; Trenching and Excavation; Electrical Safety; Personal Protective Equipment; SSTA; Asbestos Awareness.

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MSHA - Parts 46 & 48


  • Experienced Surface Miner — training for experienced miners and subcontractors. [1 day]

  • Surface Miner Annual Refresher — fulfills MSHA annual training requirements. [1 day]

  • New Inexperienced Surface Miner — initial training of new personnel without previous mining experience. [3 days]

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  • We also hold quarterly Underground Miner courses, for both Refresher and New Inexperienced Miners. [1 to 5 days]​

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  • Spanish classes available.



  • Transportation of Hazardous Materials Training 49 CFR 172 — designed for the employee who is directly involved with HazMat ground transport safety: loads/unloads; prepares; documents; or operates a vehicle used to transport HazMat. Course meets DOT and UPS mandates. [1 and 2 days for initial and refresher]

  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Air Training (prerequisite: above course) — function specific training for transport of dangerous goods by air utilizing the "IATA" Manual. Meets DOT 49 CFR and UPS mandates. [1 and 2 days for initial and refresher]

  • Airport Safety & Operations FAA/FAR 139 — designed to provide in-depth training to all personnel involved in Part 139 airport safety. [3 days]

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CPR-CCR/First Aid


  • Meets nationally recognized professional standards in CPR and CCR, along with universal precautions in Blood Borne Pathogens. [4 & 6 hours]

  • First Aid — meets OSHA 1910.156 [4 hours]

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  • RCRA 40 CFR — fundamentals of hazardous waste, waste reduction, inspections and contingency planning. [8 hours]

  • Environmental Law Awareness — introduction and fundamentals of EPA regulation, 40 CFR and hazardous waste disposal. [4 & 8 hours]

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